Expression & Engagement

The objective of the Expression & Engagement programme is to expand the space for free expression and freedom of speech and to strengthen citizen engagement. Hivos sees these as essential ingredients for an open, democratic and pluralistic society. Read more.

Key Focal Areas

  • Diverse, high-quality and independent media are crucial for the development of a democratic society. 

  • By encouraging the formation of networks that improve cultural infrastructure we aim to open a channel for the voices of Southern artists, better the conditions for cultural production and increase

  • Hivos stimulates cultural (co)productions by aiding art education and workshops, stimulating new talent, setting up or supporting national and international cultural exchange projects, and by furth

  • Hivos supports festivals and cultural spaces in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Netherlands to strengthen the cultural landscape, facilitate exchanges between artists and reach wider audiences.

  • Freedom of expression and the media is a basic requirement for citizens to stay informed, express an opinion and become civically involved in society.

  • Transparency and accountability are two essential elements of good governance.